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Fear the Boot

Nov 27, 2006

Our Xbox Live contest continues for another week.  Don’t forget to enter again, using the “Contest Entry Form” link at the top of our site.  Also, we forgot to mention it during the episode, but we’ve made a slight change to the rules.  We realize Christmas time is drawing near, so if you don’t have a Gamer Tag, but you intend to give this game as a gift to someone that will actually use it, you can still enter and win any of the prizes.  We just want your word that this is going (for free) to someone that will play it.

During the episode, we mention a document share we’re using on Google.  If you want to set up one for your own project, you can find it here:

Our first major topic of advice relates to forming a solid team to develop your roleplaying game.  We then move on to talk about the importance of feel, which will guide your development of setting and rules.

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan