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Fear the Boot

Nov 13, 2006

We recorded this episode immediately after watching the two Dungeons & Dragons movies.  We spend the first half of the episode reviewing those two films before we broaden the topic to talk about RPG movies in general.  We toss out some games we’d like to see made into movies and theorize about why there haven’t been more.

We were joined this episode by Tony from Fanboy Smackdown.  If you’re interested in hearing his all-movie podcast, you can find it at

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan, Tony

Bill Gates
over thirteen years ago

The Gamers (and The Gamers: Dorkness rising, not out on dvd yet), are the best 2 roleplaying movies there are. However, they are secure.

over thirteen years ago

And just to pimp another of our Archon panel-mates... Ryu Cope and his wife are producing a film called Gameheads. While this movie focuses on Gamers more than the games, I think it would be worth pointing out to the audience here too.

I just wish I would have thought of that on Saturday. Ah well... it\'ll make a good follow up when that movie gets released.

over thirteen years ago

Dan and crew,

The comment about the Ring the elf was using in the second movie is actually called the Ring of the Ram. Check out the SRD:

There is also a movie in production about Midnight the RPG setting.

over thirteen years ago

Hey- just got turned on to your podcast-- it\'s great! This episode was particularly funny. Keep up the good work.