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Fear the Boot

Oct 16, 2006

We kick off the episode with a story about our trip to a hibachi restaurant.  When it’s time to discuss roleplaying games, we begin with a look at what sort of person wants to be a GM.  We then work through a list of common GMing mistakes and how to avoid them.

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan, Dawn

Bruce Sheffer
over twelve years ago

Please list the GM mistakes eithe in the comments or resources. I didn\\\'t write them down while listening.

eleven and a half years ago

Oh man that was a good (and funny) episode. I was listening and going \'yeah, that reminds me of a game I ran that sucked\' or \'hey, that\'s such-and-such a DM.\' Great advice about how to tackle problems. It\'s really hard GMing. It\'s lonely at the top. Generally other GMs do not want to talk to you about times they\'ve screwed up.

over thirteen years ago

Haha! At least evil work hasn\'t blocked this.

Anywho, great episode guys, but Adam was there too, right? But you don\'t have him listed in the hosts. :P
*pokes Dan* More to say when I can get on the forums!

over thirteen years ago

Oooooh, a tidbit of an episode to come? You tease. ;P

over thirteen years ago

I\'ve been listening to different gaming podcasts, and Battletech is always mentioned. That game is before my time; I know little about it.

What is so great about Battletech?

Thanks for answering.