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Fear the Boot

Oct 9, 2006

We recorded this episode live in the gaming area of the Archon sci-fi, fantasy, and gaming convention.  If this is your first time listening, this episode is not recorded or presented in the way we normally do a show.  You may want to check out a normal recording (like episode 21) first.

We devoted this episode to talking about the con and offering some advice on how to run or play in a successful roleplaying game while at a convention.

If you want to hear more of the coverage we did at Archon or see any of the pictures we took, check out the feed at  We’re still working on that page, so many audio files and pictures are not yet present.  Please keep checking back, as we intend to have the whole thing done by the end of the week.

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan, Phil

over thirteen years ago

Aww, come on, you can\\\'t pick my voice out of the crowd? T_T

Bill Gates
over thirteen years ago

I\'m going to lay down my \"One Mic\" card to counter your \"Chad has something to say\" card. You lose 12 points of entertainment.

Bill Gates
over thirteen years ago

It was all about mechanics. You pick a host and try to be the most entertaining one in the \'show\'.

The only one whom I can attribute quotes to from the show is Dan. It\'s hard to pin everyone elses voice to their name.

David Wilson
over thirteen years ago

Hey guys, love the podcast.

Are you guys from the St. Louis area?