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Fear the Boot

Sep 18, 2006

Before every show, we go through a dysfunctional routine which we describe at the start of this episode.  We also talk about the market penetration of podcasts in the gaming community and one of the few fixtures of gaming life we haven’t yet discussed: junk food!

Our main topic is evil characters and evil parties, though we didn’t realize just how big the subject was until we started talking about it.  This is one we might revisit in more detail at some point in the future.

At the end of the show, we announce our next contest.  This one is the exact opposite of our “freak show” contest.  To enter, head to our forums and look for the “contests” topic area.  In 500 words or less, give us a deep and interesting character whose race/class is as boring as possible.  We want to demonstrate that interesting characters have nothing to do with concept, so blow us away with your secretaries, garbage collectors, farmers, and the like! The prize is a $30 gift code for

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan, Dawn

over thirteen years ago

The Seanachai is a great podcast. It\'s a shame that Patrick had to scale back from his \'new story or chapter per week\' format that he did during 2005, but anytime a new Seanachai podcast drops into the feed is a great bonus.

thirteen and a half years ago

I was just wondering if you\'ve ever listened to the seanachi podcast? It\'s a podcast of short essays and short stories. The latest short story is \"How to Succeed in Evil\" Granted that the main character is driven by a need of power, but in the beginning of the story is why he is driven to become powerful. Check it out.