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Fear the Boot

Oct 15, 2008

* Murphy’s Law strikes again!

* The Warhammer Online guild is going strong.  You can find the details here.

* World Wide Wing Night 5.  You can find details here.

* Email addresses for all hosts are back.

* This is the last week for the GM profiles!  Be sure to get yours in!

* Why is self-destruction a constant in all of John’s characters?

* Fear the Con 2 is set to go!  It’s on for March 6th and 7th.  Same location.  Expect the sign-up site and other details in the near future. If you want to volunteer or just sound-off on the con planning, visit the forums here.

* Why we create characters the way we do.

* How the visual element of a movie can affect your experience of a book.  I managed to track down the Harry Potter audio spoof John was talking about.  WARNING!!! This is extremely not safe for work!!!  Click here at your own risk.  The Harry Potter 6 trailer, however, is perfectly safe.

* GM-assigned roles or character concepts

Hosts: Chad, Dan, John, Pat

Jonathan Landreth
over eleven years ago

I\'m not sure. I didn\'t know it existed until I began listening to gaming podcasts. It seems the only podcasts that give D&D any credit are ones dedicated to it (The Tome, Radio Free Hommlett, ect.). I believe that D&D accomplishes what it sets out to do. It is a game where you play fantasy super-heroes. In 4e, at 1st level, you are a cut above average (especially apparent since NPC\'s no longer follow PC creation rules.). It works for a certain type of game. The rules stress combat because the designers took a stance that I agree with, you don\'t need rules on roleplaying to roleplay. You just do it, then you might roll a skill check. Combat is where the \"game\" in roleplaying game is and so those rules are defined for you.
I think D&D players, especially the old-school ones, are where the game\'s bad rap come from. I believe WoTC did acknowledge the \"hippie indy gamer\" community by at least putting the section on roleplaying at the beginning of the 4e Player\'s Handbook and describing the different type of gamers in the Dungeon Master\'s Guide and how to cater to them. Sure, they listed the Power-Gamer there, but they also included the Actor, Storyteller, Explorer, ect. In fact, I think the cast of FtB would be hard pressed not to fit into one of the categories in the DMG.

Jonathan Landreth
over eleven years ago

Please, for those of us who lower ourselves to playing D&D, update your knowledge of the game to 4th edition if you are going to reference it.

With the fact that 4e openly states the roles of a party (defender, leader, striker, controller), they also introduced an ability called Marking. A defender (tank) class has the ability to mark various enemies on the field. The exact effects of the mark are different for each defender (Fighter, Paladin, Swordmage), but basically an enemy that\'s marked gets a -2 penalty to attack anyone but the character that marked it and a class-specific bad thing happens to it if it attacks someone else. Therefore, D&D does now have a form of aggro control.

Hm, the opening of this post may come off as a little harsh. I know you guys don\'t play a lot of D&D and don\'t think very highly of 4th edition, so I didn\'t expect you to know this. I\'ve just been getting a little aggravated at the podcasting community for shunning 4th edition based on a skim through or preconceived notions generated through playing 3rd/3.5

over eleven years ago

I know you meant it satyrically John, but I think the \"lower ourselves to playing D&D\" is interesting. Where does the snobbery come from, that D&D is the bottom of the barrel?