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Fear the Boot

Oct 7, 2008

* World Wide Wing Night 5 on Saturday, November 8th is coming up soon.  You can find details here.

* The Seinfeld/Microsoft commercials.

* Our Warhammer Online guild is doing unexpectedly well!  Join us on
the Order side of the Thorgrim server.  More information can be found here.

* Character, role, and personality archetypes.

* Implied archetypes we’ve only seen once.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, Pat

Marcelo Dior
over eleven years ago


I must confess that I have never - ever - realized that there are meta-archetypes around the game table!

Loved - just loved - this discussion and can\'t wait for the \"part 2\"!

over eleven years ago

I totally agree with Chris on the new PC commercials. Haven\\\'t actually listened to the whole thing, but Thought I\\\'d say \\\"Go Chris!\\\"

The first time I say it, I was waiting for the Mac Guy to show up...until I saw the Windows logo at the end...

Dumb commercials