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Fear the Boot

Aug 6, 2008

* Fear the Boot welcomes guest hosts, Rob and Matt, from the Bear Swarm podcast.

* Our events at Gencon.  You can still find the link for the FtB social gathering here and the general list of all podcasting events here.

* Why a horse swarm is far scarier than a bear swarm.

* GM profiles for Matt and Rob.

* Setting and knowing the goals of player characters in your roleplaying game.

* Conducting a revolt against a player in your RPG.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Matt, Rob

eleven and a half years ago

Actually, I had an mIRC freeform roleplaying channel called #BlazingSwordInn where I ran games, as an old adventurer who started an Inn (He actually had a magical flaming sword). I\'ve brought the Inn back constantly into my DnD games as a Hub Tavern. It works great.

It IS a good starting point. : 3

Some Anonymous Guy
eleven and a half years ago

I really didn\'t like those guests that were on this episode. I kept thinking my tongue was swelling in my mouth and I was in the Blue Oyster or something. I stopped listening to the show about 10 minutes into it because I couldn\'t stand the other 2 guys.

eleven and a half years ago

Really enjoyed the episode! I have now gone and looked up Bear Swarm, and am working through their past episodes :)