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Fear the Boot

Jul 9, 2008

* Fear the Boot moves…upstairs.

* The new portal is still on its way and should be up soon.

* If you’re going to be at Gencon, there’s a get-together for FtB listeners being planned.  Be sure to stop by the forum thread and be counted so we can get a venue of the appropriate size.

* John’s acceptance speech from the Robin D. Laws award can be found here.

* Back into the gamer’s closet.  This time around we discuss Run out the Guns, the Battletech Centers, and Star Ace.

* How to draw out shy players and get them more involved in your roleplaying game.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, John

eleven and a half years ago

I went to a Battletech Center... in Japan! I was in Japan on a college program and had a week off in the middle. A like-minded friend and I just HAD to visit. Lots of fun and I get a rush of nostalgia every time I happen across the pictures I took that day.

eleven and a half years ago

The Battletech Center (and another Red Planet place) out here on the West Coast was in Las Vegas, not California. Also, it was closed when I finally made it out there ;(

eleven and a half years ago

It was definitely in Walnut Creek. My brother-in-law worked there, and as far as I know he\'s never even been to Vegas.

eleven and a half years ago

lol no worries, I guess they had more than we thought ;)

eleven and a half years ago

Back in the day, I would toss $20 into Dragon\'s Lair and not finish the damned game. Then, just a year ago, I was thrilled to find the game at the local Chucky Cheese. While my youngest kids ran wild, I tossed in $3 and got almost no where, just wasted my money. My then 16 year old daughter had never seen it before and thought it looked cool, so she put in her token (or 2, whatever it took to start the game) and started playing. Gentlemen, she went through the ENTIRE game for just the starting cost! I was (and still am) amazed. It just goes to show that those who grew up with video games in the home have improved coordination over we who had to pay for them downtown.

eleven and a half years ago

The Battletech Center in the Bay Area was actually located in Walnut Creek. Since I wasn\'t all that interested in Battletech at the time, I much preferred Red Planet. This may have had something to do with the fact with Weird Al had a cameo in the training video.

For the record, the staff at the Walnut Creek location was always respectful to me and my family (I was, say, 12 when we first went.)