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Fear the Boot

Dec 22, 2016

* (0:18) Dan and Chad were quoting Still Talkin (NSFW language warning).

* (2:19) Music you listen to at the most formative moments of your life. Jidenna's Long Live the Chief and Method Man's Bulletproof Love.

* (9:29) Del the Funky Homosapien. Alex Trebek's comments on nerdcore and the response song, Who is Alex Trebek?

* (17:48) Dan and Chad pick their top three. Afrika Bambaataa. DJ Kool's Let Me Clear My Throat. Alphabet Aerobics and Chemical Calisthenics.

* (26:08) Brodeur makes his picks. Pop Goes the Weasel by 3rd Bass.

* (30:34) The use of personae and backstory in hip-hop.

Hosts: Broduer, Chad, Dan