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Fear the Boot

Sep 28, 2016

* (0:18) It's just Dan and Chad today. Whatever happened to Julia?

* (3:38) Behaviors tolerated and untolerated. Organization psychology. The book, Zapp!

* (5:20) The four styles of leadership, as applied to roleplaying. Situational Leadership (with pictures or on Wikipedia or on the official site).

* (9:48) Let it be written that here, on this date, Chad said in episode 69, "It's always better with men." I'm sure no one will take this out of context.

* (12:12) Applying those four styles to roleplaying.

* (22:26) The importance of recognizing the phase someone is in and knowing how to respond accordingly. Revisiting the gamification of games.

* (27:52) Chad's hatred of cell phones and his very strong feelings on Pokemon Go. Dan speaks on reading the situation and self-awareness in general.

* (35:04) Chad made an agreement, and it's been broken. He discusses his problems with authority.

* (38:43) Consequences of the agreement.

Hosts: Chad, Dan