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Fear the Boot

Aug 14, 2019

* (0:30) Introducing Dale of Jon Brazer Enterprises.

* (7:11) The story of Jon Brazer, the character.

* (9:07) How the degree of crunch changes your options for creating material. The OGL and similar licenses.

* (24:26) Half of your money?!

* (33:09) Revisiting the relationship between crunch (or the lack thereof) and...

Jul 24, 2019

* (0:32) Dan is having throat issues.

* (1:01) A huge “thank you” to Zylo for doing so much for Fear the Con-Line!

* (2:18) Wayne created a template to help with game pitches. You can find a blank version here.

* (5:26) A sample for D&D 5th Edition.

* (8:24) Every game starts somewhere.

* (11:03) Structuring without...

Jul 14, 2019

* (0:28) This studio is hot.

* (2:55) The conundrum of character suicide. How Frankenstein's monster was actually made.

* (16:10) Not being a victim of your own creations.

* (31:28) Explaining the idea of a swan song and how it manifests in an RPG.

* (39:17) Deconstructing a swan song that occurred in one of...

Jun 21, 2019

Excuse the intro. I’ve lost my voice, so that was the best I could do.

* (0:28) We are living in the future. We’re at the threshold of hell.

* (12:39) An after-action report on bringing in a pair of new players. Planning versus problem-solving.

* (32:52) Constant pressure squeezing out roleplaying.

* (37:02) Failing...

Jun 13, 2019

* (0:28) Charlie goes on a rampage. A tangent on Cluster-B personality disorders.

* (6:51) Incorporating new people into the social context of your group.

* (11:16) Revising our advice on how to meet someone.

* (13:36) Using the pregame questionnaire as a loose guide. Dale’s publishing website.

* (19:28) Observing and...