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Fear the Boot

Aug 31, 2017

* (0:29) Robots having ghosts and facial hair. Brodeur threw GoBots at people.

* (9:16) Thanks to Stephen Brown for giving us the name of the show with plant brains driving vehicles: Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors. The toy Dan owned was K.O. Kruiser.

* (10:53) The Autobot Matrix of Leadership gets around.

* (14:11)...

Aug 24, 2017

* (0:29) Welcoming Ryan to the show. His Fear the Con game based on Happy Birthday, Robot.

* (3:25) Reading the table for emotional effect.

* (10:29) Empty space with context.

* (18:45) Plot hooks for the PCs, created by the GM instead of the player.

* (27:42) Creating hooks through new items, NPCs, and meaning.


Aug 17, 2017

* (0:28) Lighter rules keeping players from second-guessing their choices.

* (12:16) Passing notes during an RPG. Its capacity to rob mature players of part of the game.

* (16:07) Third person omniscience to set things right.

* (24:38) Revealing the notes at the end of the session.

* (29:06) The truth always comes out,...

Aug 8, 2017

WARNING: The discussion in the early part of this show is rather crass. If you don't want to hear that, skip to 7:08.

* (0:32) Why we're on a second take.

* (1:23) The pre-recorded Actual Play is now on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or via its raw RSS feed.

* (3:35) Dan fixed the Patreon episode prices.

* (4:52)...

Aug 3, 2017

* (0:28) The Skies of Glass AP is out.

* (2:36) Our other AP on Twitch.

* (5:46) Brodeur's new coworker.

* (9:19) Timing the ending moment of the game. An unintended murder.

* (17:16) The opposite extreme: letting a scene overstay its welcome.

* (22:40) The difference between a cliffhanger and an abrupt ending. Advice...