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Fear the Boot

Dec 29, 2016

* (0:22) Warning: Content is out of order, like Witcher novels or Firefly.

* (1:12) Magic button of Annihilation: What Christmas song would you obliterate?

* (7:18) Brodeur hates Trans Siberian Orchestra. Dan's ghetto heart isn't satisfied.

* (10:20) Dan's exotic pets: An otter!

* (13:40) Dan's defense of broadening the...

Dec 22, 2016

* (0:18) Dan and Chad were quoting Still Talkin (NSFW language warning).

* (2:19) Music you listen to at the most formative moments of your life. Jidenna's Long Live the Chief and Method Man's Bulletproof Love.

* (9:29) Del the Funky Homosapien. Alex Trebek's comments on nerdcore and the response song, Who is...

Dec 16, 2016

* (0:47) I lied about part 2, but part 1 of my interview with Jim McClure is out!

* (2:50) XCOM 2 gets us thinking about setting the level of challenge in a tabletop roleplaying game.

* (9:59) Games that get easier versus games that get harder.

* (13:18) The kinds of challenge. Combat encounters, roleplaying, puzzles,...

Dec 8, 2016

* (0:28) Much ado about butts. Thanks, Patreon supporters!

* (3:35) Was this section even legal to air?

* (5:58) Fish Donuts and the foxy Ms. Candida.

* (9:15) What happened with the cell phones? Dan's +Jews! charger.

* (20:19) Attention as a precious commodity.

* (31:30) The things you just don't allow in your games....

Dec 2, 2016

* (1:07) Fear the Boot's Secret Santa, run by Noob13. You can find details on the forums.

* (2:15) Dan's interview on Talking Tabletop with Jim McClure. Fear the Boot's Twitter and Facebook links.

* (3:59) A cross-town move forces Dan to look through his possessions and contemplate life. The Battletech warchest...