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Fear the Boot

Dec 31, 2015

* (0:28) The amount of bleeping in the prior episode.

* (2:13) Voting for the science fiction plot hooks is still going on. You can get your votes in here.

* (3:32) The flooding in Missouri.

* (8:08) Natural disasters in roleplaying games. The eruption of Krakatoa. The radioactive fire at the West Lake Landfill.


Dec 15, 2015

* (0:23) Voting for the science fiction plot hooks has begun. You can get your votes in here.

* (1:38) Wayne has creative block while trying to make a character for an online game of Wield.

* (5:55) Generic-Man to the rescue! Pat is always rich.

* (14:55) Welcome to! (and Wattpad).

* (16:26) Being too...

Dec 8, 2015

* (0:30) Why it's not "still" Chris or Brodeur.

* (3:12) Chad's audio, visual, and computer setup for running Blades in the Dark. Google Drive and Myth Weavers.

* (5:01) How Blades in the Dark handles conflict. Devil's lettuce. The Doomsday Clock. Building tension.

* (13:33) Details on Chad's setup and how he uses it...

Dec 3, 2015

* (0:29) This is the last week to enter for the metal Battletech dice. You can enter by leaving your plot idea for Battletech (or generic science fiction) on this website.

* (1:55) Chad's Blades in the Dark game. You can BitD's Google group here. The video game, Dishonored.

* (9:24) Playbooks.

* (12:46) Uptime,...

Nov 27, 2015

* (0:44) Down a few for Thanksgiving.

* (1:14) Hamlet's Hit Points by Robin Laws. Tracking the story beats of an RPG.

* (3:37) How much game advice can actually be internalized and used.

* (8:58) An analogy from art theory about how the human mind compresses information into a usable form.

* (13:08) What Brodeur is...