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Fear the Boot

Mar 19, 2014

* (0:27) Johann isn’t dead.

* (0:57) Chad’s chosen way of collecting signatures on his copy of Sojourn.

* (2:33) The launch of Fear the Boot’s Twitch TV channel.  We’ll post the game schedule after Dan comes back from vacation.

* (10:23) Pacing at the very beginning of a campaign.  The two extreme solutions:...

Mar 13, 2014

* (0:29) Grab a copy of Fear the Boot’s anthology, Sojourn!

* (1:25) A patent troll takes on the sum of podcasting.  You can make a donation to the legal defense fund here.

* (4:23) Player secrets.  As we’re introducing the topic, Wayne throws out the idea of different angles — regarding the same secret — being...

Mar 11, 2014

* (0:29) Announcing Sojourn, an anthology of fiction by Fear the Boot hosts, community members, and industry professionals.  You can find all of the places it’s available right here.

* (3:22) Differentiating the two types of GMPCs.

* (8:59) The problems that can accompany playing the second kind of GMPC: a character...