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Jul 26, 2013

* (0:24) Managing stretch goals that add to the primary product.

* (3:58) Setting the rewards at various backer levels.

* (7:29) Seeking outside ideas when shaping a reward scheme.  Setting realistic goals and keeping the focus on marketing.

* (14:52) Building a pitch video.

* (16:56) How much to say about how the...

Jul 24, 2013

I’d like to congratulate Chad for having his RPG, Silent Memories, nominated for “Best Free Game” in the 2013 ENnies!  I hope you’ll take a moment to stop by and show him your love with a vote.

Jul 17, 2013

* (0:36) Introducing our four guest hosts and setting up the show’s premise.

* (2:59) Welcoming Joanna Gaskell of Standard Action and Starlit Citadel Reviews.

* (4:33) Welcoming Matt Forbeck.  You can find his personal website here.

* (6:05) Welcoming Ryan Dancey, currently with Goblinworks.

* (7:05) Welcoming...

Jul 11, 2013

* (0:20) The biggest myth Mike would like to dispel about his job.

* (5:07) The role and importance (or lack thereof) in available play space.

* (12:58) Whether it’s necessary to hire people that are already into the hobby.

* (25:36) Why do so many stores fail?  The Specialty Retailer’s Handbook by Dave...

Jul 9, 2013

* (0:25) Mike unlocked the “Local Guest” achievement.

* (1:25) Derek Knutsen’s Kickstarter for the Universal Storytelling System.

* (3:19) Odyssey: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Campaign Management, written by Phil Vecchione and Walt Ciechanowski and based on advice from impeccable sources.

* (4:59)...