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Fear the Boot

Jun 30, 2012

* (0:04) 4th of July comes early!

* (0:46) One of our Twitter users correctly observes what makes this show work.

* (2:56) Wayne does a brilliant transition that fails, losing out to Trendy Top, shorts with writing on them, and Chad’s hat.

* (8:28) Being dressed by your parents.

* (10:31) Dan’s praise for Duluth...

Jun 21, 2012

* (1:08) This year we’ll be attending San Diego Comic Con instead of Gen Con.  However, there may still be some FtB community-sponsored events at Gen Con.  Expect details on the activities at both conventions soon!

* (1:46) John is a bad, bad man.  Adding romance to a game while also dealing with its consequences.


Jun 14, 2012

* (0:30) Fear the Boot sans Dan.  Pat makes me proud by his treatment of Chris.

* (5:17) Some love for the Darker Days podcast.

* (6:13) Free RPG Day coming up on this Saturday, June 16th.

* (8:53) The lessons learned from a nearly-dead online game.  Setup time, scheduling, and social awkwardness.

* (24:30) Some...

Jun 7, 2012

FAIR WARNING: The first part of this episode is a bit crass.  If you’re offended by that sort of thing, just skip forward to the 18 minute mark and begin listening there.

* (0:30) Welcoming guest hosts, Chris Mais and Julia.  Julia’s struggles as a gaming girl.  Chris Mais proves he can out…whatever…Chris...

Jun 6, 2012

Just to make up for how late we released episode 200!