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Fear the Boot

Mar 28, 2012

* (0:05) Caribbean or Caribbean?  Dan’s dream of killing a legally protected cryptid.

* (3:45) We try to start talking about video games that horribly disappointed us, but somehow end up talking about Juggalos.  How do they work?

* (12:25) Video games that went horribly off the ranch via plot, character development,...

Mar 22, 2012

* (0:29) First round results from the Power 16 III.  You can vote on the second round here.  Second round voting ends at 6:00pm Central time on Tuesday, April 3rd.

* (6:32) A (hopefully unnecessary) disclaimer.

* (7:06) Dan’s impeccable moral clarity regarding urban fantasy.  I’ll let you guess who writes these show...

Mar 17, 2012

* (0:33) Fear the Con V!

* (1:25) The Power 16 III is still up and running!  You can vote here.  Round one will end at 6:00pm Central time on March 20th.

* (2:02) We’re delaying the discussion on faith until Wayne and Chris are both on the mics.  This obviously requires a test to make sure Wayne and Chris are not the...

Mar 8, 2012

* (0:30) Dan got his copy of Impotent Nerd Rage by Mikey Mason.

* (1:40) The Power 16 III is now up and running!  You can vote here.  Round one will end at 6:00pm Central time on March 20th.

* (3:54) We’re proud to announce the release of the Narratavius app — written by Michael Ham and horribly mispronounced by Dan...

Mar 1, 2012

* (1:04) The hosts versus social media.

* (7:51) Fear the Con V is still on its way and looking good!  If you’re a GM, we could use your help.  If you’re a player, then just be sure to grab the good games before they’re gone.

* (11:33) A discussion about fantasy fiction, mostly focusing on Tolkien and Leiber....