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Fear the Boot

Feb 24, 2011

* (0:33) We welcome back Jeff while Chad welcomes Cee Lo Green.  Be sure to check out Jeff’s podcast,  Gaming Asylum via their website or iTunes page.  This leads into anecdotes about picking domain names.

* (6:49) Raina’s Wings charity auction. Post your ideas here or on the forums.

* (11:01) We begin talking...

Feb 17, 2011

* (0:31) Chad makes his first guest appearance on another podcast, sitting in with the rebooted (excuse the pun) Kicked in the Dicebags.

* (1:45) Chris wishes a happy birthday to…St. Louis…?  And Wayne celebrates with a surprise gift for Dan.

* (3:25) Dan gets shutdown by being recognized too quickly.

* (4:56)...

Feb 4, 2011

* (0:29) Fear the Boot raises a glass to Willie.

* (3:07) RPG tropes we individually find annoying or overused.  Plus counterpoints on why each one may not be so bad.

* (27:59) Jumping into an NPC as a way of staying involved and adding color to a scene.  We focus on the implicit player-GM contract, when it’s...