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Fear the Boot

Apr 28, 2010

* (0:29) Chad’s monthly board game meet-up and Chris’ memory.

* (9:00) We’re delaying the start of the Blood Bowl league by two weeks.  You can still get signed up here.

* (9:35) Fear the Boot is teaming up with Postcards from the Dungeon.

* (11:45) Chris vs the sprinkler.

* (17:35) TOFTBCHes will be back at Gen...

Apr 22, 2010

In this interview we talk with Fred Hicks from Evil Hat Productions about being a transparent game company, keeping that “small company” feel, his background as a gamer, and of course the Dresden Files RPG.  You can follow Fred Hicks on his blog or his podcast, That’s How We Roll.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, Pat,...

Apr 14, 2010

* (0:35) Pat’s confession and the other nonsense on our Twitter feed.

* (3:15) Raina’s Wings is continuing as a contest with prize support provided by Arc Dream, DriveThru, and Polymancer.  Make your donations here, and be sure to either leave a comment with your donation or let Necronomitron know who you are.


Apr 7, 2010

In this interview we talk with Eddy Webb from White Wolf about new media in gaming, piracy, and living the dream.  The new media episode I mentioned was indeed 136.  Eddy’s website can be found here.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Pat, Wayne

Guest: Eddy...