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Fear the Boot

Jan 30, 2008

Since we’re releasing a bonus episode in place of the regular episode this week, I’ll at least give the show notes in the usual format.  Also, we’ll be back to a regular episode next week!

* Skiing.
* Luke’s musical aspirations.
* Fear the Con.
* Fear the Froot, sponsored by Tony Mast.
* Cartoons.
* Comic...

Jan 23, 2008

* Fear the Con on March 8th!  Warmachine tournament and the Watchmen debate.

* D&D 4th edition modules.

* Historical accuracy in gaming.

* Dialog in your roleplaying game.  The accent CDs from Pulp Gamer can be found here and here.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, John, Luke,...

Jan 16, 2008

* Fear the Con and World Wide Wing Night 4!

* If you want a Fear the Boot hoodie, you can find them here.  Be sure to type “feartheboot” (without the quotes) in the coupon field.  This offer may be for a limited time only, so if you want it, get it fast!

* Luke’s Chromehounds group, Iron Tyrants.  Friends...

Jan 9, 2008

* An introduction of the hosts and their geek interests.

* Who the girls love in the sci-fi/fantasy world.

* Conventions, Renaissance Fairs, etc.

* Ice-O-Hedron gaming con in Toronto.

* Fear the Con‘s masquerade.

* Movies they’d love to see made.

Hosts: Becky, Katie, Karla, Melina…and Phil

Jan 2, 2008

* The joy of Jelly Bellies.

* Dan’s New Years resolution.

* Christmas stories.

* Animals, familiars, and mounts in a roleplaying game.

* Designing and running factions in your RPG.

* Phil’s podcast at

Hosts: Adam, Dan, John, Luke