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Fear the Boot

May 3, 2007

In this interview we talk with Shamus Young, author of the web comic, DM of the Rings, a parody of Lord of the Rings, presented as if the movie was the plot of an RPG.

His website:
His comic:

During the show, we mention an episode we recorded 30 minutes ago.  That show is episode 51, which will be released next week.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, John
Guests: Shamus Young

almost ten years ago

:O I cannot believe you knock the little people! I created a Gnome Ranger with a really squeaky voice and I wasn\'t trying to be annoying at all!

Seriously though, the little people are fun. I have a Hobbit that only goes adventuring so that he can taste new stuff. So they kill the Dragon and he gets out the cooking pot (best companion ever)! He gets really confuse by Black Puddings \"What do you mean I can\'t eat it? You said it was a Black Pudding!\"

over eleven years ago

I hate you guys. Because of this interview, I\\\'m now listening to the rest of your podcasts.

Also: down with Shadowrun.

David Gray
over eleven years ago


You will love the shows. Then you will be assimilated... er... I mean, you will join the forums. :) (If it\'s a draw, sometimes Shadowrun bashing goes on there...)