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Fear the Boot

May 12, 2015

* (0:31) Brodeur learns about Chris’ age.

* (1:26) Fear the Con 8.

* (5:43) What Brodeur would have done in Chad’s failed trip to a game shop.  What he would want someone to do if that happened in his own shops.

* (17:16) What is the role of a game shop, anymore?  Brodeur takes Peter Adkison’s job.  The effect of tipping.

* (32:02) The value of modules.  The post by Cantor can be found here.

* (36:39) Modules as reference material, apart from their intended plot.

* (44:44) When the GM lacks the time to write a plot.

* (45:56) Helping with creative struggles. We steal some slang from Gamerstable.

* (51:35) Not everyone is a professional game designer.

* (53:39) Modules as brownie mix…? Knowing the material and marking what’s important.

* (58:34) The shared experience of having played the same plot as other gaming groups.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Chris, Dan, Wayne