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Fear the Boot

Aug 1, 2013

* (0:27) Introducing KC Wayland, the writer and director of We’re Alive.

* (1:20) How the production got started and where KC found his inspiration.

* (4:23) Where the series got its initial funding.

* (5:25) Hitting the time mark for each episode.  The importance of a release schedule that balances consistency with breaks for the production crew to catch up.

* (11:10) Why KC has opted to avoid crowdfunding the show.

* (14:57) Standing apart in a market saturated with zombies.

* (19:34) Finding and managing enough people to form the full cast of voice actors.  KC’s experience with RPGs and the most brilliant DM on the face of the Earth.

* (25:15) The amount of the story that was planned from the very beginning.

* (26:25) Deconstructing the appeal of a zombie story and the impact those themes had on We’re Alive.

* (35:15) You can find KC’s audio drama at

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, Pat, Wayne

Guests: KC Wayland