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Fear the Boot

Mar 28, 2012

* (0:05) Caribbean or Caribbean?  Dan’s dream of killing a legally protected cryptid.

* (3:45) We try to start talking about video games that horribly disappointed us, but somehow end up talking about Juggalos.  How do they work?

* (12:25) Video games that went horribly off the ranch via plot, character development, or setting.  While it gets cut-off in this video, the “urine rocket” begins around 8:45.  The speed run of Morrowind can be seen here.

* (30:04) TV shows with crappy endings.  Our hatred of the “cycle of apocalypse and rebirth” theme, particularly in sci-fi.

* (33:13) Games we didn’t or couldn’t finish.

* (38:59) The ending that disappointed Wayne the most.  The beauty of emulators and save states.  As a slight correction, it was not the final fight against Sephiroth Dan couldn’t beat but rather one of Sephiroth’s previous end-game boss forms (“safer”, I believe).

* (44:52) What truly worries Dan about traveling.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, John, Wayne