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Fear the Boot

May 31, 2013

* (0:40) The Nazi Occult by Ken Hite.

* (3:13) Fear the Minicon: East.  It will be hosted in Raleigh, NC on August 10th at Game Theory.  You can find the details and get signed up here.

* (4:20) Fear the Con 7 will most likely be June 12th – 14th of 2014.

* (8:17) Our biggest faults as Game Masters and how we overcame (or are working to overcome) them.

* (22:00) The nature of crunch within a roleplaying game.  How rules, setting, and even language can create additional processes you might need to understand to play a game.  The relationship between crunch and the length of a campaign.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Sgt. Dan, Julia, Wayne