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Fear the Boot

Mar 12, 2013

* (0:28) I don’t even know how to describe this.  Even Wayne was at a loss for words.

* (9:14) A shout-out to the guys who have put out a Matrix RPG.

* (10:40) Sign-up for our own convention, Fear the Con, is still running.

* (10:49) If you’re interested in a convention on the east coast, be sure to check out 1d4Con in Winchester, Virginia, Friday, April 26th to Sunday, April 28th.

* (11:51) And it goes back there again.  The Ryan versus Chad sock puppet pony conversation can be found here.

* (13:19) If you’re interested in writing, stop by Fear the Boot’s own writers’ guild.  Their next online meetup is on Saturday, March 16th.  Check the forum area or send a PM to Sion for more information.

* (15:37) Why Dan can’t do his own game session reviews.

* (17:13) An object lesson on “forced success”, drawing from our most recent game.

* (21:16) Giving success to your characters as a way of keeping the game intact and the plot moving forward.  Balancing the value of internal consistency versus player enjoyment.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, John, Wayne