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Fear the Boot

Feb 14, 2013

* (0:27) Introducing our guests and setting up the discussion.  You can find the relevant links at the bottom of this post.

* (11:18) What motivated each author to get started.

* (17:18) Tips for seeing a project through to completion.  Collaboration, accountability to an audience, and the danger of relying on a “future self”.  The importance of small, realistic milestones.

* (28:45) The closest they came to failure and what kept it from happening.

* (41:14) Setting a reasonable view of success.

* (49:08) Editing non-fiction.  The relationship between legends, history, and the cultural context of both.

Hosts: Chuck, Dan, Joel, John, Tristan

The discussion continues in part 2!  In the meantime, you can find the work of these fine folks at the following links.

Chuck Wills’ Chronicles of Spire in ebook or print.

Joel Dalenberg and Tristan Zimmerman’s The GM’s Real World Reference on DriveThru.  You can also find Tristan over at Dragonlance Canticle.

John Grana’s Bloodmoon Goblins on DriveThru and Paizo.