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Fear the Boot

Apr 19, 2012

* (0:40) If you’re coming to Fear the Con V, please note the wandering nature of the street the con center is on.

* (1:54) Much love for Anime Eggroll!  If you’re in the St. Louis area and looking for a good anime shop, we give them our highest recommendation.

* (2:29) An upcoming crossover show and what it doesn’t mean.

* (3:16) The frightening disease known as Chris’ Revenge.

* (5:51) The results of the Power 16 III semi-finals.  The last round has now commenced.  Results will be read during our Fear the Con recording, so get your votes in now!

* (11:42) Offering a new player the right amount of help to get them into a roleplaying game without overwhelming, intimidating, or annoying them.  Allowing changes along the way.  How long to hold back before you let them suffer the same consequences as an experienced character.

Hosts: Dan, Karla, Pat, Wayne