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Fear the Boot

Mar 8, 2012

* (0:30) Dan got his copy of Impotent Nerd Rage by Mikey Mason.

* (1:40) The Power 16 III is now up and running!  You can vote here.  Round one will end at 6:00pm Central time on March 20th.

* (3:54) We’re proud to announce the release of the Narratavius app — written by Michael Ham and horribly mispronounced by Dan — featuring a Skies of Glass story by Chris.

* (7:02) Documentaries, comedies, and other entertainment that focuses on RPGs.  The distinction between those that look at the hobby versus using RPG intellectual properties.  What effect (if any) they have on non-gamers.  What we’d like to see from such efforts.

* (30:39) Recovering a game after a long hiatus.  The importance of desire, energy, and initiative.  Getting people back into the flow.  Why the players likely need to  contribute more than the GM.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, Pat, Wayne