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Fear the Boot

Oct 12, 2011

You can find a transcript of this show here!

* (0:30) Welcoming Adam from Kicked in the Dicebags.

* (1:40) The March of Dimes charity auction — with prizes sponsored by Gnome Stew — is still in progress.  Be sure to get in your bids!

* (2:03) Show transcripts are still being made for our episodes.  Links will be given a few days after each episode releases.

* (2:21) The site for Fear the Con 5 is live!  Get signed up and join us in St. Louis in May of 2012!

* (5:28) Custom fangs have become too cheap for Wayne’s taste.

* (7:09) The loss of a dropship in our Battletech game serves as the catalyst for a discussion on defeat in a roleplaying game.  We talk about its capacity for adding drama, realism, and emotion to the game, while conversely being able to discourage or drain the players.

* (20:00) Wayne commenting on some old gaming notes leads into Dan describing the collection of documents he typically uses when running a game.  With our usual disclaimer for potentially offensive content, here is a link to the pimp’s prayer.

* (26:20) Getting a brand new player up to speed on the hobby of roleplaying, their first setting, and a system — without overwhelming them in the process.

* (52:16) The video game giveaway will be ending on October 23rd with the winners drawn on October 24th, so this is your last chance to get entered.

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan, John, Pat, Wayne