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Fear the Boot

Sep 7, 2011

* (0:30) John provides an update on the still-running Bloodmoon Goblins Kickstarter.

* (2:05) Fear the Boot still plans on attending the GAME Convention in Springfield, Missouri, October 7 – 9, 2011.

* (2:42) If you’re interested in playing the Old Republic MMO, Fear the Boot has a guild already forming on the official game site.  You can see details and sign up to run with us here!

* (5:00) Why every roleplaying game should come with a pronunciation guide for all of its proper nouns.

* (10:42) Getting people in your gaming group to step up and take leadership roles in the party, particularly when they’re not naturally dominating.  The distinction between explicit and implicit leaders and how to work with both.

* (24:49) Chris reflects on his rant from the last episode and goes on to tell us a story about his childhood.

* (26:47) Rewarding players for doing extra prep or post-game work.

* (37:06) Helping someone create a character for a setting they’ve never played in.

Hosts: Chris, Dan, John, Pat, Wayne