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Fear the Boot

Jul 7, 2011

* (0:31) Welcoming our guest host, Michael, to Fear the Boot!

* (1:06) Fear the Boot will be sponsoring This Just In…From Gen Con! during the 2011 convention.  Be sure to catch that show for some excellent convention coverage.

* (1:30) The Con Planner site is now ready to go for our activities at Gen Con.  Be sure to sign up if you want to be kept in the loop on the games and social activities we’ll be doing during the con.  All you need to do is visit this link, go to the Ticketing area to create an attendee, and make sure your profile includes a cell phone number for texting purposes.  If you have any questions, write to the email address listed on the site.

* (2:00) Fear the Boot is now a proud member of the Stitcher audio network.  Be sure to stop by their site, see if their app is something that interests you, and give us a positive review so others can find us!

* (3:52) Some background on Michael and the tabletop gaming scene in Japan.

* (6:36) The double-edged sword of D&D as the most recognizable title in our hobby.  Many of us play it and enjoy it, but it can also conjure up negative stereotypes among non-gamers, leading us to distance ourselves from the game.

* (22:03) Collaborative design of a roleplaying game’s antagonists.  Letting the players work together to build the villains, trading off some level of control for added buy-in.  How to keep the plot exciting despite the meta-game, player knowledge of the group’s enemies.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, Michael, Pat, Wayne