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Fear the Boot

Mar 2, 2011

* (0:34) Pat comes up with a good idea for dinner.

* (3:06) A minor change to the forum rules.  Starting soon, any account that has never made a single post and also not logged in within the past 60 days will be pruned.  If you do at least one of those two things, your account won’t be touched.

* (4:10) Wayne expresses his displeasure regarding the absurdities surrounding the Fantastic Four death.  We also take a quick poll on which character we would have killed.

* (10:30) We ask Wayne why he thinks the comic book industry is in decline.  We also inquire about what’s good right now and what’s on his pull list.  The new Wonder Woman actress.  And finally, the move by some comic companies to make their catalog available electronically.

* (17:24) The pure genius of Time Cube.  And apparently it has an RPG or two to go with it now.

* (20:23) Mary Sue characters.  We start with an explanation of what the phrase means and where it comes from.  Johann questions whether they’re genuinely a problem or not, after which we offer some advice on how to identify them, prevent them from occurring, and deal with them once they’re there.

Hosts: Dan, Johann, Pat, Wayne