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Fear the Boot

Dec 16, 2010

* (0:29) Chad is making a science fiction game of some kind for Fear the Con 4.

* (2:07) If you’re interested in helping promote Fear the Con 4 around your town, we have two different fliers available here and here.

* (2:54) Fear the Con 4 will be the site for a regional tournament of the Ultimate Fighting System card game.  If you’re interested in joining, be sure to check the activity list for details!  You can also learn more about UFS or its rules on Jasco’s website.

* (5:16) Responding to Matt’s question about player interference.  How do you let players help each other when it’s appropriate without having them unfairly influence a situation or lock-up a new player with advice-overload?

* (17:04) When a player takes on the role of multiple characters.  Some thoughts on keeping the characters distinct, handling their interactions, and managing the paperwork.  The great opportunities it offers and the problems it can present.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, Pat, Wayne