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Fear the Boot

Dec 2, 2010

* (0:45) The JCPenney’s catalog, red box D&D, old radio shows, and meeting famous people.

* (4:40) Be sure to get signed up for Fear the Con 4!  We look forward to seeing you all there.

* (5:09 If you’re looking to rejoin World of Warcraft as Cataclysm drops, you might want to check out the listener-sponsored guild.

* (5:51) Expounding on some useful ideas brought up by Hal in response to episode 211’s discussion on building dramatic tension.

* (18:51) Creating a real sense of temptation in a game.  Providing your players with choices that are difficult for purely personal reasons through moral quandaries, game mechanics, and occasionally breaking the fourth wall.

Hosts: Chris, Dan, Johann, John, Pat, Wayne