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Fear the Boot

May 27, 2010

* (0:28) We’re in the last few days of the contest with Raina’s Wings, with prize support provided by Arc Dream, DriveThru, and Polymancer.  Make your donations here, and be sure to either leave a comment with your donation or let Necronomitron know who you are.

* (1:18) Some minor changes to our website.

* (4:52) Board game meetups.

* (18:03) Why our RPG campaigns keep dying.

* (20:53) Chad’s bravery with D&D, the discrete tasks of GMing, and implied setting.  You can find the d20 SRD here.

* (30:22) The process of selecting the setting, system, and length for a new role playing campaign.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Pat, Wayne