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Fear the Boot

May 5, 2010

* (0:29) Johann, Descent, and Star Trek.

* (4:10) Raina’s Wings is still going on with prize support provided by Arc Dream, DriveThru, and Polymancer.  Make your donations here, and be sure to either leave a comment with your donation or let Necronomitron know who you are.

* (5:20) Last call on the Blood Bowl league!  You have about 24 hours to get signed up on our forums!

* (5:35) You can find details about FtB: Night of Carnage here.

* (6:40) The state of Fear the Boot’s creative projects.

* (8:36) When the playground is weirder than you remember.  You can find the plot synopsis for The Tin Woodman of Oz here.

* (25:03) Throwing down the gauntlet to Postcards from the Dungeon.

* (25:16) Applying subtlety, peculiarity, and horror to a roleplaying game.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Johann, Pat, Wayne