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Fear the Boot

Dec 3, 2008

* Embarrass Chris and feed a village!  You  just can’t lose with this charity.  We’re collecting money to purchase livestock for struggling communities around the world.  Each animal purchased will not only provide much needed labor, wool, or sustenance to these people, but it will also ransom out one of Chris’ Battletech love letters for reading on the air.  If you’ve got a little extra cash this season, I hope you’ll consider giving to a worthy cause.

* Keep on emailing your game-breaking tips to Dan.  Next episode, we’ll read off the schemes everyone has for screwing with various systems.

* Fear the Con 2 registration is now up!  Be sure to get a ticket, and if you’re interested in running a game, send an email to Chad.  It’s two days of gaming you don’t want to miss.

* Allowing only the GM to possess and roll dice.

* Playing an RPG with only one or two players.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, John, Pat