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Fear the Boot

Mar 19, 2008

* John and Dan will be I-CON 27 in New York, April 4 – 6.

* Skies of Glass, Tier 1, is now available in the Resources section of our site.

* Kerrigan, Conan, and Luke’s crappy gaming PC.  You can find Tara Strong’s credits on IMDB.

* Do people take gaming too seriously?

* A more detailed look at board games.  You can find more info on Atomic Earth here.

Hosts: Dan, John, Luke, Matt

almost twelve years ago

People freak out about having their game dissed because we have somehow lost a difference in meaning between \"I do not like xyz\" and \"xyz is crap.\" Despite it being \"assumed\" that saying the latter is synonymous with the former, people do not take it this way. In fact, \"I do not like...\" has become a value judgment. If someone doesn\'t like a game, it is not seen as a reflection on them but an insult to the game.

almost twelve years ago

I agree Dan, Tristram that is very accurate. I would add that people, nowdays, blur the line between someone saying,\\\"I don\\\'t like what you like.\\\" and confuse it with,\\\"I don\\\'t like you as a person.\\\"

almost twelve years ago

I think you should interview one of the \"theory\" guys.

almost twelve years ago

I don\'t want to go through the hassle of registering at the forums; sorry.

Here are a few board games that to me, feel like role playing games:
- Runebound
- Battlestations

Fun \"racing game\" boardgame:
- Formula De