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Fear the Boot

Feb 27, 2008

* Dan’s taking a trip to Miami while failing to organize his trip to Gencon.

* Fear the Con on March 8th!  Don’t forget World Wide Wing Night at Side Pockets the Friday before, eye exams from Luke the Sunday after, and Fear the Froot during the event.

* D&D isn’t an RPG…?

* Yet another game derailed by a failure of the group template.  We also offer some advice on meshing subplots with your main plot.

* Converting settings across or into rules systems.  If you want to see the picture of Chad we mention, the original (potentially not safe for work) is here.  The modified picture (safe for work) is here.

Hosts: Dan, Luke, Matt

Joe C
almost twelve years ago

I had to laugh at the pausing and laughing on the taint comment. That was the reason our Trinity games didn\'t get anywhere.

Ken Newquist
almost twelve years ago

This was a timely topic for me -- with D&D 4E coming out, I\'ve been thinking a lot about converting games, either converting our game from 3E to 4E, going from 3E to something else entirely like Warhammer or Savage Worlds, or even porting stuff back to 3E.

I expect that we\'ll soldier on with 3E, but it\'s a worthwhile thought experiment. I think you\'re exactly right about making sure the game fits the feel of the setting. I think that\'s what\'s got a lot of people apprehensive about D&D 4E; will it still fit the feel of their classical fantasy game?

Bill W
almost twelve years ago

The \"NEW*!@#^&*\" 4E will not feel like their classical fantasy game. Just the way a new computer feels so different than the old one you were using for 4 or 5 years. We all just hope this new edition will/will not be all we want/don\'t want in a role playing game. There is no way for us/them to win on all fronts. Like anything, take it slow, be careful if you convert and just try to have fun in the new rule space.