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Fear the Boot

Feb 13, 2008

WARNING: The content of this episode is a little more coarse than usual.

* Contrary to what Luke thinks, Furreals are not sexual.

* Fear the Boot PSA #2.  Here is the relevant link.

* Join us for Fear the Con on March 8th!  Don’t forget to donate to Tony Mast’s Fear the Froot.  And we hope you’ll join us for World Wide Wing Night the Friday night before the con and the eye exams at Meyer Eye Care the Sunday after the con.

* The Warhammer 40,000 RPG.

* Joseph Campbell’s “hero’s journey” and its relevance to running a roleplaying game.  Since Tex did so much research, we’ll provide a short bibliography of his sources…’s_Journey#.22The_Hero.27s_Journey.22

Hosts: Dan, Luke, Matt, Tex

almost twelve years ago

One of our best shows ever! I so want to read Campbell.

Jeremy Mac Donald
eleven and a half years ago

One of the things I think might have been considered on this episode is how role playing games play into this theme.

Consider that almost every role playing game the players start off at low level and will gain some kind of XP and new powers or abilities as the game progresses. Essentially the system of most RPGs have the Journey built into their design.

I think this is one of the reasons why most campaigns can be seen as essentially a Hero Journey in retrospect.

almost twelve years ago

Some of the links are broken.

Miggidy Mack
almost twelve years ago

They day I heard the 40k game was canceled I went into the battle bunker here in Chicago and asked them why. They guy who knows everything there said \\\"That would be crazy of us. This is just a shuffling of printing rights.\\\"

I learned a few days ago (just listening to the podcast now) that it IS indeed going to be printed by another company, who is taking over the properties development and continuing the entire line.