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Fear the Boot

Feb 6, 2008

* Matt’s brief introduction.

* Skyrocket reminds us of a major perk of the FLGS: the dice bin.

* Is it possible to cheat in dice rolling with pure physics?

* Fear the Con is still coming up on March 8th, and don’t forget Tony Mast’s Fear the Froot effort!  Please send an email to Luke if you’re interested in volunteering to help out at the con.

* A shout-out to Lee.

* The Fear the Boot hoodies from Geeklabel.

* Is gaming without gaming still enjoyable?

* Roleplaying games where character creation is more interesting than the game itself.  The Hero Game 5th Edition ballistic test can be found here.

* RPGs that use GM fiat to make decisions instead of dice.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Luke, Matt, Tex

almost twelve years ago

I downloaded some of your shows for a recent flight. I think this was one of them. When you got to the \"dolphin gang rape tactics\" I nearly pissed myself laughing. My fellow passengers looked at me sideways, but screw them.


almost twelve years ago

Guys, I love the show, but I can\'t understand why all the people rotate through but you leave the guy who is \"Mr Tangent\" in.

Tex says in this episode \"I don\'t really have much to add\" and that pretty much sums up his contribution.

His tangents take away from the show, guys. This episode was rough because we had to hear him talk the whole time.

Why is he on and not Adam or Chad? Bring back someone interesting and fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Otherwise the show is great!