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Fear the Boot

Jan 9, 2008

* An introduction of the hosts and their geek interests.

* Who the girls love in the sci-fi/fantasy world.

* Conventions, Renaissance Fairs, etc.

* Ice-O-Hedron gaming con in Toronto.

* Fear the Con‘s masquerade.

* Movies they’d love to see made.

Hosts: Becky, Katie, Karla, Melina…and Phil

eleven and a half years ago

H.P Lovecraft gives too much description??? I stopped reading because it was too little. I got tired of \"indescribable horrors\", or any number of things that \"defied description\". Building up to the monster and then never describing it felt like teasing.

eleven and a half years ago

Yes! The last time you guys did this it was great. *downloads*

Red Machine D
eleven and a half years ago

1st post.

eleven and a half years ago

Please, please, please. Do the C\'thulu game. I want to hear how that goes down.

eleven and a half years ago

I just listened to a 2006 podcast yesterday and the guys were talking about authors who give too much or too little description. Imagine my surprise when you ladies broke out into a small tangent about it! Thank you for whichever one of you mentioned H.P. Lovecraft and his overboard descriptions. No one mentioned him in the guys\\\' podcast, and I was yelling at them through the monitor...........
Good job all.