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Fear the Boot

Jan 2, 2008

* The joy of Jelly Bellies.

* Dan’s New Years resolution.

* Christmas stories.

* Animals, familiars, and mounts in a roleplaying game.

* Designing and running factions in your RPG.

* Phil’s podcast at

Hosts: Adam, Dan, John, Luke

eleven and a half years ago

Oh man, if my dogs got into some chocolate I\'d be so terrified for their lives. That stuff is, like, poison to them.

eleven and a half years ago

Excuse the double-post, but though this episode had great advice on how to avoid abuse with animals, familiars and mounts, my problem is the opposite: Beastial Companions keep taking the back-seat in my games and people feel that class skill/background dot is wasted on what originally sounded like a cool idea. Advice for making animals/mounts ADD to the game more? IMHO, most game designers seem to have a thing against them and make them too weak.

eleven and a half years ago

I was listening to this episode in Winamp while checking my RSS feeds, and I inadvertently launched a YouTube video in another window. Apparently, the vid was some sort of lame comedy sketch. The soundtrack played simultaneously with FTB for about five minutes before I realized that it was not part of the podcast. They were talking on the vid soundtrack about pulling shit out of their asses during a business meeting.