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Fear the Boot

Dec 5, 2007

* There really is a game called The Hunters Hunted!

* The Summoning convention coming up for anyone in the Florida area.

* Reserve March 8th, 2008 for Fear the Con!  Details can be found here.

* What the heck is wrong with the Kessel Run?

* Karla’s newbie gaming experiences.

* Explaining the roleplaying game hobby to those that don’t play.

Hosts: Adam, Dan, John, Karla, Luke

ten and a half years ago

Karla wins again. Except that she gets interrupted a lot. I know interruptions happen often, but where everyone is used to speaking over each other to avoid interruptions, it seems (and my girlfriend does this to) she shrinks back and quiets up.
This is an observation rather than a criticism. Speaking over each other and interrupting is something experienced gamers get more used to (sometimes it\'s needed in big groups).
See, I\'m not sure if I want to say \"don\'t interrupt each other\" because then we\'d get less hilarious tangents. So, use this observation as you will.

ten and a half years ago

It has now been \"0\" episodes since there has been a shotgun noise.

ten and a half years ago

For more information on the Hunters Hunted, check out the Pen and Paper database.

ten and a half years ago

Water is a unique substance in that it is actually both an acid (H+) and a base (OH-), rather than non-reactive. It is effectively neutral, but varies based on context.