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Fear the Boot

Nov 21, 2007

* W3N3 stories.  If you missed the pictures, you can find them here and here.

* A shout-out to Shawn Willet, the drunk wookie trucker!

* Luke’s reviews: Colonial Gothic and Eschalon: Book I.

* Weapons, axes, etc.  Flight of the Conchords Lord of the Rings video can be found here.

* Games gone horribly wrong.

Hosts: Adam, John, Karla, Luke, Tex

ten and a half years ago

Too slow. Hexes and squares require no other tools. Quick and easy.

ten and a half years ago

When I broke my arm the first time, I had a bone specialist named Dr. Jelly. He always said that if he had a daughter, he\\\'d name her Peanut Butter Anne.

I spent my 10th birthday in the hospital, so I got a table-top Pac-Man game for my birthday. It was loud, so my mom hated me playing it in the hospital. Dr. Jelly came in and just started playing.

ten and a half years ago

More reviews, Luke!! I just downloaded Eschalon: Book I and look forward to being able to game on my aged laptop once again!!
Brian of Round Hill

ten and a half years ago

By my count, Karla wins again.

Shawn (Not That Shawn)
ten and a half years ago

Tell me you delibrately misspelled my name

ten and a half years ago

Rather than hexes or squares, consider rulers and inches. Analog measurement baby.