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Fear the Boot

Oct 3, 2007

* An announcement about announcements.

* Keeping track of your GM notes.

* Roleplaying game modules.

* Our favorite RPG game mechanics.

Hosts: Adam, Dan, John, Luke

ten and a half years ago

I recommend reading \'Unearthed Arcana\' book released for 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons. It has a Spell Pool system that\'s exactly the \'Where\'s the MP?\' you\'re talking about. In fact, that book is great for variant rules. I highly recommend it. Definately my favorite DnD release.

Jeremy Mac Donald
over ten years ago

You comment that one is in danger of running out of material module wise for gaming. This might well be valid for many systems but its definitely not an issue for Dungeons and Dragons. There are probably close to half a dozen companies (WoTC, Paizo, Goodman Games etc.) putting a good adventure module regularly, often roughly once a month, that its simply not realistic to expect to play all the good material thats constantly coming down the pipeline.

ten and a half years ago

I just wanted to say - every time I see there is a new episode up, it cheers me up immediately. I imagine you guys hear this a lot, but seriously, keep up the good work.

Bill Gates
ten and a half years ago

I look forward to your next show. Campaign rules sounds like a great topic.

ten and a half years ago

Hey, you said people should tell their friends about you guys so Ender_Melchior told me about you guys and now I\\\'m hooked and listening to all the old podcasts. And there was nothing wrong with THAC0 if a twelve year old could figure it out anyone could.

ten and a half years ago

Yeah, THACO bugged me when I was first learning it (25 years ago), but it certainly works and since I still play 2.0 I now prefer it over any other system. I know of several people who improved weak math skills by using THACO every Friday. Of course, they were all lost forever in tunnels under a school in the midwest, but . . .