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Fear the Boot

Aug 22, 2007

* Why Dan isn’t on the show.

* Light liquor versus dark liquor.

* Our tour of the dealer room, including our hands-on with Conan.

* Returning to gaming after a long hiatus.  Or why people take long breaks in the first place.

* Etiquette for gaming at a con.

* Phil arrives to talk about Great War of Magellan.

* The conclusion of the Power 16.  You can see the final results here!

Hosts: Adam, Chris, John, Paul, Tony…and eventually Phil

twelve and a half years ago

I miss Dan, but it was interesting hearing about con gaming. Of course, that assumes that I could ever afford a con or have time for a game.

twelve and a half years ago

YES! It is finally available.

...but the \\\"posted at\\\" blurb at the foot lies - lies like a rug!